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A native Oklahoman, Justin Jackson was blessed to learn ranching first hand with 400+ head of cattle on his family ranch located along the Kiamichi River valley. Justin graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU) with a degree in business. Combined with his love of Southeast Oklahoma, his education led him to join his family fundraising business based in Clayton. DJ$ Fundraising helps Future Farmers of America (FFA), 4-H groups, non-profits and schools raise money for their programs across Southeast Oklahoma and beyond. Justin has served on the Southern Workforce Investment Board in support of economic development for the region and many other efforts to protect our way of life while championing Southeast Oklahoma's economic development potential. 
  • A President Trump, America First Republican
    • A registered Republican long before being  Republican  was popular, Justin Jackson  is a  real Republican who believes that with hard work, innovation and ingenuity, America and Southeast Oklahoma's best days are ahead. He has supported Republicans long-term, which has resulted in strong relationships. Justin Jackson has stood with Preesident Trump, and his America First agenda, since day one and will continue to stand with him to Make Southeast Oklahoma Greater!
  • Hunter,  Fisher and Unapologetic 2nd Amendment Supporter
    • An avid sportsman and outdoorsman, Justin took Bear #6 in Oklahoma's inaugural Black Bear Hunt on the same land his grandfather hunted on. A Lifetime Member of the NRA, Oklahoma Bow Hunter's Council and more, Justin Jackson is firm that the "Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall NOT be infringed."
  • Friend, Advocate, and Fighter for Southeast Oklahoma
    • It's time to level the playing field. Farmers, ranchers and small businesses must have broadband to manage supply chain logistics and market capabilities to sell to consumers everywhere. Schools and students urgently need connectivity to flourish in the changing 21st century marketplace.
  • Businessman Getting Oklahoma's Economy Moving  Again
    • The COVID-19 pandemic revealed yet again that President Trump is right - the US is too dependent on China and regulations are strangling America's ability to compete and win in the marketplace. In Oklahoma, we learned that our farmers and ranchers were getting squeezed and foreign meat was prioritized. It's time for that to stop. It's time for Oklahoma to be First, and America to be self-sufficient.